March 7, 2015

3 Things I Completed Today

The date on this post will slip into March 7th before I'm done writing it...but I'm starting it on Friday, March 6th, and the Article Writing Challenge theme for Fridays is...

Yes, it has been a long and busy day. But I some how managed to get at least 3 things accomplished on Friday, March 6th:

1. Household chores. They seem never-ending and they don't care if you don't feel like doing them! Dishes and laundry seem to reproduce on their own, and advance from one stage to another. Clean piles to dirty piles back to clean piles again...and on and on and on...

I could say the same about other chores, such as scooping litter boxes, taking the trash out, de-cluttering...there's always something piling up that needs attention!

Piles of dirty dishes [source: morgueFile free photos]

2. Sewing. Funny (or not), but I also have PILES of sewing to do. Specifically, piles of quilt and pillow orders that are overdue, with anxious people awaiting them. And since March is National Quilting Month, of course I have to work on quilts!

Current quilt I'm working on!

3. Instructional Design. You might even say I have "piles" of freelance work to do, because I actually do. This is a nice "problem" to have, since steady work certainly helps with the financial picture. My project today happened to be doing instructional design work for a client, helping produce the storyboards for a course. Some of my favorite types of freelance work!

I do find lately that if I keep detailed lists of things I must accomplish, it really helps me stay organized and focused.

What about you? Do you make a list every day and try to follow it so you can accomplish everything you want or need to do? Did you complete 3 or more tasks on Friday?