About eLearning for Life & My Credentials

Since I am passionate about lifelong learning, I decided to create a blog in order to share my enthusiasm and e-learning experiences with other adult learners.

I hope this blog will serve as a valuable resource to anyone interested in education in the 21st century, and especially in the area of online education or e-learning, educational technology, and related issues.

Anticipated Blogging Plan 

In addition to relevant posts and discussions, I will also add to a list of my own published articles on various educational topics, as well as provide links to other blogs, articles, and sites of interest

 This is my planned direction for topics on this blog:

  • Online learning for different age ranges: reviews and discussion about what is available, from individual courses, as well as entire curriculum choices, and online schools.
  • Importance of regional accreditation; list of agencies.
  • Special accreditation; list of agencies.
  • What it takes to succeed at online learning: self-discipline, organization, time management, self-direction.
  • Encouragement for adult learners: for those who have not yet attempted to pursue higher learning, as well as those considering earning a degree or who are already involved in online learning.
  • Profiles of current online students: perhaps feature a range of ages and stages of students in their online education journeys.
  • Other helpful tips and resources: FAFSA and student loans in general; sites to rent or buy textbooks, or download/read ebooks; online tools for organization and time management.
  • Separate page: Discussion of my own higher education journey.

I hope to add new readers and followers among any of you who are interested in joining me along this lifelong educational journey and pursuit of knowledge. 

My Credentials

Ed.D. - Doctor of Education in Educational Technology and E-Learning

I am currently pursuing this degree through regionally-accredited Northcentral University (NCU). It is a fully online program, with the university itself based in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  I passed my Comprehensive Exams in March 2014.

I am now a doctoral candidate at ABD status (All But Dissertation).

My tentative graduation date is November of 2016.

M.Ed. - Master of Education in Instructional Technology

I earned this degree in 2008 through a fully online program offered by regionally -accredited American InterContinental University (AIU), based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

A.A.S./Education - Associate of Applied Science in Education/
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program

I earned this degree in 2007 through Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC), in Fairfield, Maine. The program was a combination of online and traditional courses at the college.

B.A./Psychology - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

I earned this very first college degree way back in 1980 through Nyack College in Nyack, New York. I attended as a residential student for four years.


In the 21st century so far - before "coming home" to work as a professional freelance writer, instructional designer, and online tutor - I have worked in several educational and social services positions, including the following:

*Speech and developmental therapist/SLPA (Speech-Language Pathology Assistant)
*Behavioral Health Professional (BHP)
*Therapeutic Mentor
*Crisis Prevention Counselor for at-risk teenagers in short-term group home
*Family Service Advocate (FSA) for Head Start